Sustainable Development and ISO 26000

We have a double LEED accreditation (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).
But those accreditations don't mean much if Sustainable Development is not considered in day-to-day activities.
Thus, Alysis gives equal considerations to the three dimensions of Sustainable Development in its daily organizational activities :

  1. the Social dimension
  2. the Economic dimension
  3. the Environmental dimension

Alysis has based its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on the ISO 26000 standard. This standard provides guidance on how businesses and organizations can operate in a socially responsible way.

Specifically, Alysis adopts the following practices :
Quality : we are particularly proud of the quality of our work.

Honesty : we do the work as planned, at the agreed costs; respecting the rules, laws and good practices.

Communication and information : we are always available to inform our clients and answer any questions they might have. One of our goals is that our clients are fully informed of the solutions we provide. That way, they keep their autonomy and the business relationship is not forced on them.

Purchase of carbon credits : we are carbon-neutral. We compensate 100% of our estimated yearly carbon footprint by buying Gold Standard-Certified International Offsets, established by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Monthly donations to the David Suzuki Foundation. [1]

Monthly donations to Operation Underground Railroad, an anti-child trafficking organization which aims to bring an end to child slavery (mostly sexually). Please check them out at, they are amazing and much needed.

Profit sharing with employees : our employees receive financial benefits from the performance of the company.

Repair and adapt rather than replace : whenever possible, we will seek to repair and adapt rather than replace. That is why the project's initial phase is so important; that's when we can best integrate the concepts of maintainability, adaptability and expandability into the solution.